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In the last couple months we have been in a program called D.A.R.E. D.A.R.E stands for Drug, Abuse, Resistance, and Education. Another meaning is Define, Assess, Respond, and Evaluate. This program teaches children about how drugs effected you in any way, also why you shouldn’t use drugs unless a doctor prescribes them to you. D.A.R.E helps people make and choose better choices.

D.A.R.E teaches kids how to say No to drugs and what kind of peer pressure there are. There are five peer pressure Friendly peer pressure, teasing peer pressure, heavy peer pressure, indirect peer pressure, and positive peer pressure. D.A.R.E taught us a lot of good way to respond to theses pressures. Here a some examples saying “No”, changing the subjected, skipping CD, and walking away. Those are some good choices of how to respond to someone if they ask you to do a drug with them. My favorite one is the skipping CD. It is my favorite because all you do is keep saying No.

One of my favorite things that we did in D.A.R.E is if you wore your D.A.R.E shirt your class got extra recess if no more than two people for got their shirt. Like if three people for got to ware their shirt then we didn’t get to go outside. But if two or less for got their shirt we still get recess. We have a lot of fun in D.A.R.E!!!

I think if you had to choose what program your school should have I would pick D.A.R.E. the reason I would pick D.A.R.E is because it shows kids why they should stay off drugs here are some examples why you should do drugs If you play a sport they will kick you off, if you have a job and you want to keep it then stay off drugs, and there are lots more. So i would recommend not to do drugs!!!

These are some are some health effects that Marijuana- Smoking Marijuana causes breathing problems, Marijuana users have more colds and upper respiratory problems, Marijuana affects your brain and body. Examples are:

*short-term memory loss

*Loss of the ability to concentrate

*slows coordination and reflexes

*affects your ability to judge distance, speed and reaction time these important in sports or even riding a bike

Alcohol is a very dangerous thing. Using alcohol while driving is illegal. It is illegal because, many people get hurt, because the person using alcohol mint not be able to see straight and get in a car accident and injure or kill the other person. In D.A.R.E we put on D.U.I goggles. They make you see funny. They make you see like a drunk person. You have to walk a line and catch a ball. I couldn’t walk the line but I caught the ball. It was really hard to walk the line, because once you put on the goggles the line wasn’t where it was when you didn’t have the goggles on. A lot of teenagers use alcohol. They use alcohol for many reasons. Like to make them look cool, having problems, being bullied. Lots of things. Here are some health effects if you use alcohol:

*Alcohol slows down your brain and body.

*Loss of coordination

*Slowed reflexes

*Loss of self-control

*Poor judgment

*Memory lapses

*Slurred speech

*Too much alcohol can slow down the body and lead to coma and death

*Alcohol goes directly into your bloodstream and can increase your risk for a variety of diseases.

*Alcohol damage every organ in your body

*If you are with others who are drinking, there is an increased risk of injury, car crashes, and violence

I Alison Will promise never to allow people to talk me in to abusing drugs in any way. 🙂 this program has mad me say this because, drugs can make you look older than you are, and some other things. Drugs also make people still things from others. The reason they still from other is so they have money to buy illegal drugs. I don’t want to become that kind of person so I’m promising never to use drugs

By: Alison Graham

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Camp Oty’ okwa!?!?!?!?!

At the beginning of camp Oty’ okwa I only talked to certain people and at the end I talked to everybody. Like I didn’t want to be the hopper I was scared that I wouldn’t know how to do something or do something wrong. But onc

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e I got in there I loved being a Hooper. So when Blaize had to be the Hopper I volunteered to help her because she had a broken arm.

usually I don’t sing that loud and when we were singing I danced and I sang loud. It was fun!!! Sara and I started to square dance then everybody stared to it was really fun!!!

on Monday we did orientation and I got pared up with Andrew M. , and Tyler H. and I didn’t want to be pared up with them I wanted to be with Cassie D., and Lisa B. and I didn’t hardly talk to no one but Cassie, and Lisa I think that’s all the people I talked to until the end of camp

On Wednesday the last day I had Geology I was happy with who ever cause we all were friends  it didn’t matter  because nobody is perfect you have to give everybody a chance. You can’t just not  be their friends or be their friends for who they are or what they have.

It is so much fun when everybody is friends because nobody gets left out and I’m glade That in our group nobody was left out cause we all got to know each other and seen what we had in common.

I think camp is a good way to bringing everybody together. Because a lot more people are friends now because more people got to know each other and everybody worked together they didn’t make a big deal about who was in our group they just all started to talk and be friends

I had a lot of fun at camp!! Like when we went under the waterfall a poncho didn’t help not one bit. We got so wet and cold it wasn’t even funny at all. But it was fun, a lot of fun!!!

Nobody will ever for get going to camp. It was so much fun. I know I will never forget. we did a lot of cool things like climb the rock wall, did a rock maze, and practically swam in big pine creek. it was so much fun I wish we would have stayed for two weeks!!

Well that my adventures at Camp Oty’ Okwa!!

Ok Mr. McGuire Said on his blog Martha is a single mom, with a four year old daughter named Emily. Martha is just trying to get by day to day. This morning, at 6:00 AM, as Martha was getting ready for her job as an Achievement Test Grader in a state far, far, away, her babysitter called and said she couldn’t watch Emily today.

After three phone calls, she finally reached her sister, who agreed to watch Emily for the day. The only problem was her sister lived 20 miles away, so Martha barely had time to get there, and then make it to work on time.

As she rushed around the kitchen, eating a piece of toast while she picked up, Emily spilled her cereal all over the floor. Five minutes later, after cleaning up the spill, Martha glanced at the clock and realized she was going to be late. She grabbed a cup of coffee to go, snatched up Emily and bolted out the door. She put Emily in the car, andjumped in her seat. As she reached across to buckle the seat belt, she spilled her coffee down the front of her shirt. “Oh @#$#@@#$,” she thought.

She unbuckled Emily and ran back in the house to change. She searched highand low, but there was nothing clean to wear. She grabbed her cleanest dirty shirt out of the laundry, shook it out, and slid it on. Once again, she and Emily headed for her sister’s house. Naturally, she hit a construction zone two minutes from her sister’s. After sitting for 10 minutes, she finally got through. She sprinted in, gave Emily a kiss good bye, and headed off to work. She had 11 minutes to make the 20 minute drive.

She was lucky, the construction only held her up for 5 minutes this time through. Unfortunately, her head pounded with a migraine from the stress of the morning. And work hadn’t even started yet.

She reached work, late again. She stopped by the pop machine, but didn’t have any change for her daily dose of Diet Coke. As she rounded the corner, there stood her boss, with a mean look on his face, and her daily stack of tests to score. “Late again, I see,” he said with a scowl. “Don’t even think about taking a break until you get this school’s tests scored.”

With her head pounding, no Diet Coke, and no time for Advil, Martha reached for the first test. Martha, the test grader opened your test.

How will you score?

So this is what I had to say about it!!!

Well Martha is having a really bad day so she probably wont want to grade test all day. So if the answer isn’t exactly right then she will mark it wrong. When I’m having a bad day I don’t feel like working either so I just slop things down. I’m sure she don’t care what grade we get. So if she don’t feel like marking it right she probably wont. So I probably would get a bad score if she graded my test. Because She don’t feel like taking the time just to grade test I mean seriously no one would if they were having a bad day, Because you have to grade the same test over and over. I would get FRUSTRATED!!!!!!! 

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What I Think About The O.A.A.

I think the O.A.A. is boring. I hate taking tests. I don’t think we should have the O.A.A. because the people who want to see how were doing (or what ever they look at with the test) can just look at the scores from all the other test that we have done. So we don’t have to waste all that time just to take a test. When we have already took a practice test just to see if we are ready of the O.A.A. We don’t even get credit for taking that really long test.

Tell me what you think about the Ohio Achievement Assessment

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Being Perfect……

I will never become perfect. The reason I will never become perfect is because nobody can be perfect. Everybody makes mistakes.
If I were perfect I would hate it because
my friend would be getting mad at me for always correcting them. I know that they probably would hate it because I’m not perfect and when I say things wrong my mom corrects me sometimes and I hate it gets so annoying!!! like if I say ain’t somebody says ain’t aint’ a word and I ain’t going to say it.

Yea I hate when people say that cause freedom of speech I can make up my word like ain’t.

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What I Think………

In Reading Workshop Mr.McGuire said   The end of the nine weeks is here.  Work has been turned in and graded.  But what if a student’s average doesn’t fit what they have accomplished?  Should a teacher adjust it to reflect what the student has earned?  Or should it be the result of vocabulary quizzes on Quia, Study Island, and objective scores on writing assignments?

Student #1
He has given everything he can possibly give to be successful.  He started the year hating to read.  Now, he reads almost every night at home.  He pays attention in class and does his best on every assignment.  He asks for help if he doesn’t understand.  He has turned in every assignment.  Low Study Island scores have been a big detriment to his grade.  Although his grades reflect his ability, his growth should earn him an A+.
Student #2
She is the model for all students.  Her attitude and work ethic is unbelievable.  She has always struggled finishing books.  This nine weeks she has finished three of the last four she started.  The book she quit was a bad selection, she recognized that, and found a better book.  Her writing has consistently improved all year.  Her blog posts have become more detailed and cleaner.  Poor vocabulary quiz grades have lowered her score.
Student #3
The work he turns in is not close to his best.  He completes assignments quickly, with the main idea being just to get them done.  He is a pretty good student so his grades are good.  He has not shown much growth, but does OK because school comes fairly easy to him.
Student #4
His attitude stinks.  He has turned in most assignments, but not all.  His grade is poor and does not reflect his ability at all.  He should be on the honor roll but isn’t due to lack of effort.  As a reader, he is able to do high quality work.  Even though he has a low grade, his ability is in the B range.
What grades did these students earn?  What grades do they deserve?  Are they the same?
Should grades be solely based on achievement?  Or should a student’s effort and attitude be part of the grade?  Should improvement matter?   Should missing assignments count even if a students has mastered the objective?  Or should all grades be based on results of classwork and quizzes? Should students receive a class participation grade that reflects their in class involvement and work ethic?

What if the teacher knows with absolute certainty that a grade does not reflect a student’s output for the grading period?  Should the teacher adjust the grade accordingly?

so this is what I said I don’t think it is fair that a kid that try his or her best gets bad grades and then a kid that just knows everything is getting everything right without even hardly trying and getting good grades
I don’t think that is fair because other kids are getting good grades without even trying the kids trying their hardest and getting bad grades. It isn’t the kids fault that he or she can’t do something good but he or she is still trying to do their best. They are working hard to get good grades not just putting down answers and getting good grades.

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What I Predicted….

In SSR we are reading Freak The Mighty and I predicted that

1. killer Kane will get caught taking  Max

2. Freak will try to look for Max

3. Killer Kane will try to hurt Max 😦

4. Grim and Gram will get in an argument with Killer Kane over what  he has done also for taking Max

5. I predicted that every body will find out the truth if Killer Kane really did kill maxes mom, Ann  and the other people

6. I think Killer Kane will change how he is 🙂

7. Lorette and Iggy will tell the police that Killer Kane had his son Max

8. Killer Kane might get put back in jail

9. Killer Kane might hurt someone else and Max finds out how his dad really is

1o. If Killer Kane goes back to jail Max will go see him more

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Predictions B)

🙂 In SSR I am reading Child X by Lee Weatherly I just started to read this book so I’m going to make predictions about what I think is going to happen.

1.  I don’t think there problem will be solved

2. I think somebody gets killed because it says at the back of the book (that grabbed my attention) is her dad disappeared and wont answer her phone messages so I think he gets killed or possibly kidnapped ( Aka dad-napped)

3. They wont find her dad I don’t know why I predicted that but it just seems like he wont come back or be found

4. I think that the main charter will be sadder because her dad is missing

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freak the mighty

In reading Workshop we are reading Freak The Mighty written by Rodman Philbrick  the main characters are Freak and Max. Max is not smart in reading Freak is smart in reading. Max gets put in the smart group in reading with his friend Freak. 

Mr. McGuire ask us on The Reading Workshop Will Max benefit from being placed in the class with higher achievers?  Would you prefer to be in a class that is ability grouped?  Why or why not? So here is my answer to his question

I think Max will start to be smarter in reading, because Freak is in his class.  When he hangs out with Freak he is learning big words, because he uses a lot of big words and words he hasn’t heard of. Freak will probably encourage Max to do better and help Max
I would prefer to be separated from smarter people in a class I wasn’t good in so I would get more help if I didn’t understand something.

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About My Book…

In SSR I was reading Party Girl. It is a really good book.

Party Girl is about two girls that sneak out to go to a party that has a dace off, and Ann gets shout and dies. When they are at the party.  The other girl thinks it is all her fault. She thinks it is her fault because she talked Ann into going to the party with her then Ann dies at the party.

If I talked my friend into going to a party with me and then she or he died. I would be so sad especially if she or he got shout and I seen them get shout. my life would never be the same after that.

If you talked your friend into going to a party with you then he or she died how would that change your life? How would you reacted to your best friend getting killed  in front of you??

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